Monday, June 07, 2004

Word of the day


I was reading some animal reports and came across the fact that one of the animals was related to the "hippoponomous". And I had to giggle...and wonder--Is that a hippopotomous that would prefer to remain anonymous?

Friday, June 04, 2004

Surprise! Go home now!

We are very,very ready for the end of school. The kids, no matter how early or late the school calendar goes, sense about 3 weeks before school is over and stop. They just stop--listening, working, behaving. Therefore, teachers either struggle against the hopeless tide of misbehavior and silliness, or give in and do a lot of art projects (or like me some combination of the two).

My mother, who is also a teacher, has said for years now that what we really need to do is have a surprise end of the school year. Never really let the kids know when school is suppose to let out. Just all of a sudden one day tell them "Surprise! School out! Go home now!"

We'd all be much happier.